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System maintenance can save you money!

We understand that having maintenance done on your air conditioning and heating system is not quite at the top of your to-do list, but we think it should be!  In this economy, more and more people are making cutbacks and doing what they can do to ‘pinch a penny’, but we have to be careful about the things we do cut back.  Skipping air conditioning and heating system maintenance can actually cost you more money in the big scheme of things.  For the next couple of weeks, we will go over air conditioning and heating maintenance, when it is needed, and some of the major benefits that you will get out of having your system ‘tuned up’.

What does having your heating and air conditioning system ‘tuned up’ entail?

If you sign up with Anchor for a service plan, you will receive a visit to your home, ahead of peak season, twice a year at one reduced price.  The trained, professional technician that visits your home will go through a detailed checklist to be sure that your system is working at its best.
We have provided the checklist for each system so that you will know exactly what you will be getting with our service plan.

Heating Tune-Up
1.    Check compressor amps/volts, capacitors
2.    Check blower motor amps/volts
3.    Tighten electrical connections
4.    Check/lubricate motor and bearings
5.    Check burner for cleanliness, adjust if needed
6.    Check ignition and pilot assemblies
7.    Inspect heat exchanger or heating elements
8.    Monitor flue draft
9.    Measure temperature rise
10.    Measure for correct air flow
11.    Test starting capabilities
12.    Test safety controls
13.    Check thermostat operation/calibrate if necessary
14.    Replace 1” or 2” pleated filters
For Heat Pumps:
15.    Check compressor amps/volts
16.    Monitor refrigerant pressures
17.    Inspect refrigerant piping for vibration/rubbing
18.    Inspect condenser coil for cleanliness
19.    Inspect condition of outdoor cabinet and disconnect
20.    Tighten electrical connections
21.    Check condenser fan motor amps/volts and fan blade
22.    Check/lubricate motor and bearings
23.    Inspect contactor condition
24.    Inspect reversing valve

Cooling Tune-Up
1.    Check compressor amps/volts, capacitors
2.    Monitor refrigerant pressures
3.    Inspect refrigerant piping for vibration/rubbing
4.    Inspect condenser coil for cleanliness
5.    Inspect condition of outside cabinet and disconnect
6.    Check condenser fan motor amps/volts and fan blade
7.    Tighten electrical connections
8.    Check/lubricate motor and bearings
9.    Inspect contractor condition
10.    Inspect reversing valve (heat pump)
11.    Test starting capabilities
12.    Test safety controls
13.    Inspect blower components for cleanliness
14.    Check blower motor amps/volts
15.    Check/lubricate motor and bearings
16.    Inspect evaporator coil for cleanliness
17.    Measure temperature drop or rise
18.    Inspect and clean condensate drain and pain
19.    Check condensate pump for proper operation
20.    Check thermostat operation/calibrate as necessary
21.    Replace 1” or 2” pleated filters

In addition to these visits, you will also receive priority scheduling and a 10% discount* on your repair.  While your agreement is in place, you will never have to pay overtime rates on our 24-hour emergency service and your rates are protected from inflation.  If you decide to move, you can even transfer your plan to your new home.

If you would like more information about our service plan, please give us a call at 770-942-2873 or contact on the web at Whether you have one system or many – we have a plan that will work for you.

Be sure to tune in next week for how Anchor’s Comfort Agreement will benefit you!

*10% discount does not apply toward service calls/diagnostics or purchase of new systems.
$150 maximum benefit on single repair


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