Last week, we talked about our Comfort Agreement and what comes along with that. You will receive two visits a year, before each peak season for one reduced price. Your skilled technician will work through a detailed and thorough checklist, inform you of your system’s status, and will keep a log of your equipment history.  In addition to that, you will receive priority scheduling and a 10% discount* on your repair (if needed). Your rates will be protected from inflation and you will never have to pay overtime rates on 24-hour emergency service as long as your agreement is in place.  This week, we will talk about the benefits you will receive from these services.

Having your systems ‘tuned up’ will save you money!

Keeping your heating and cooling system ‘tuned up’ will keep your systems running efficiently.  When systems such as your heating and air conditioning system are not maintained, issues can cause them to have to work harder to cool or heat your air.  This causes greater energy consumption, therefore higher monthly bills.  Having annual maintenance performed on each system will keep your systems running optimally – keeping money in your wallet, instead of paying off high energy bills at the end of the month.

You will also be able to save money because our visits will be able to determine if any problems are developing or on the horizon.  This will allow us to make repairs while a problem is small.  If you wait too long, a small problem typically evolves into a large one – maybe even causing a major blowout.  These repairs can be extremely costly or you may even have to replace your equipment altogether.  So you are reducing the need for larger repairs while also extending the life of your equipment.  Plus, if your system does need a repair, you will receive a 10% discount*.

You will have improved indoor air quality

Having your systems maintained annually will allow you to have a cleaner airflow throughout the year.  This is a big deal, because indoor air quality can cause health problems.  Keeping your system ‘tuned up’, along with fresh filters, will keep your air nice and clean.
There are so many benefits to our Comfort Plan, that it basically pays for itself.  We would love to answer any questions you have or provide pricing to you based on the number of systems you have in your home. Just give us a quick call at 770-942-2873.  You can also contact us on the web at



*10% discount does not apply toward service calls/diagnostics or purchase of new systems. $150 maximum benefit on single repair.


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