As we have become more aware of our environment, our going green efforts have been increasing exponentially. Sometimes the effort causes a dramatic change to some of our business and domestic activities, while other times we just need to slightly alter our behavior. In this post, we are focusing to conserve water at home.  All of these tips are very easy and do not require major change to your daily activities:

  1. When washing fruits and vegetables, use a pan to collect the water. You can then use the water to help water your indoor and outdoor plants.
  2. Showers use up a lot less water than baths, so try to take showers more frequently than baths. Also, avoid taking long showers because the longer the shower the more water is wasted. Think about installing a low flow showerhead –they can save as much as two gallons of water a minute.
  3. Program your sprinklers to go off early in the morning so the yard can retain more water longer than if they were to go off in the middle of the day. Also, adjust the sprinklers so that as little water gets sprayed onto the streets as possible.
  4. Insulate your water pipes for quicker hot water.
  5. Use commercial carwashes to clean your vehicle (most recycle their water).
  6. Check for leaks! Leaky faucets –both indoors and outside –can potentially cause you to waste countless gallons of water each month.


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