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Because of the increasing price of copper, the amount of thefts on the news has skyrocketed just from this time last year. People desperate to make a quick and easy buck have resorted to scrapping and stripping heating and air conditioner systems for the moderately valued copper located inside. Unfortunately for the victimized homeowner or business owner, the damages left behind could easily shoot up into the THOUSANDS of dollars. With that kind of bill you would think the thieves are making out with a big payday, right? But no, they are destroying these air conditioning systems for a measly $30-$50.

These thieves are not just scrapping metal; they are putting lives in danger.

Not only are people being left with huge bills to pay in order to replace their broken units, they are suffering from loss of business and in one case, death. A recent case in the news, a 79 year old woman died in her home two days after her AC system was stolen.   With the type of heat we experience here in Atlanta and Douglasville, no air conditioning can be very dangerous.

What can I do to prevent AC theft from my home?
With the stakes so high, it is important to do whatever we can to prevent Air Conditioning theft from our homes. There are no 100% fool-proof ways to prevent someone from stealing the copper from your AC system, rendering it useless, but there are a few ideas we have come across in our research that may deter a prowler or thief from choosing your AC system as their next target.

1. Install a locked cage around your system.
2. Install an alarm system on your AC equipment.
3. If you cannot afford an expensive cage or alarm system, place an alarm sign on your AC.
4. If you do not have a dog, a Beware of Dog sign can also be intimidating.

None of these things can guarantee you will not fall victim to AC theft, but it is a starting point in encouraging thieves to move away from your house and property. And if you ever see someone casing out yours or anyone’s AC system, call the police immediately. For more info, any other Douglasville air conditioning questions, or to schedule an air conditioning system repair, give Anchor a call at (770) 942-2873.


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