Now that May is here, the weather we’ll experience will only get warmer. With warmer weather comes more work required to keep our homes cool and comfortable, which means more wear and tear on our cooling systems. Here are some ideas to help keep your air conditioning system more efficient and longer lasting to help you get through the spring and summer at a lower cost:

Maintain a Constant Temperature

As common sense dictates, the less you use something the less it will mar. If you apply this idea to your cooling system, then it will experience a longer lasting and more efficient life. Keeping your thermostat set at a fixed temperature definitely helps –but just refraining from fiddling with the thermostat isn’t enough. Keeping

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your windows and blinds shut during warmer hours, especially those that face the sun, helps prevent your home from warming –which in turn reduces the frequency of your air conditioning running. Another useful trick is to turn off any electronics and appliances that aren’t in use and to keep those that are away from the thermostat; running electrical equipment, such as computers and televisions, emit heat which can noticeably warm spaces and small rooms. When leaving the home for extended periods of time, it’s okay to switch off your system. But if you’re gone only for no more than a day, then the work required to re-cool your home for your system might offset any energy saved during the day (depending on the hours you are absent and the temperature outside).

Proper Maintenance and Environment

Keeping your air conditioning system properly maintained will ensure that it does not incur excessive wear and tear. The less efficient your equipment is, the harder it must work to achieve the desired output. But by regularly checking your system and fixing any problems, you will experience longer lasting equipment. Part of proper maintenance for your air conditioning system is to ensure that its environment is properly managed. For any outside units, make sure there is no debris lingering within a ten foot radius and try to provide it with adequate shade. For internal components, make sure there is not excessive dirt or dust around.

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