When working to improve one’s business, it rarely comes to mind that better air quality goes a long way –both for the customers and the employees. Here are some tips to reduce the allergen levels in your business for a better experience:


  • Much of the allergens that invade your business come from right outside the building. The best way to deal with these is to regularly clean the outside areas around the entrances and exits to your building and to maintain a clean immediate inside to the portals. By doing so, you are ensuring that fewer allergens will enter the building and that even less will be tracked into the heart of your business.
  • Try to keep the outside windows and doors to your business closed as much as possible. This will greatly reduce the number of entry points that air allergens can enter the building.
  • Make sure your business is cleaned regularly and maintained. A dirty inside can cause the allergen count to skyrocket inside your business. Keep an eye out for damp areas to avoid a buildup of mold and mildew, especially with the large amounts of rain we’ve been getting recently.
  • Don’t allow pets (other than service animals) within the premises of your building. Not only can pet dander be considered allergens, but pet hair can carry a plethora of extra allergens right into your business! By preventing animals from entering your business, you can cut down on the different types of allergens inside.
  •  High efficiency particulate air filters are hospital grade filtration units with a 99.97% efficiency against 0.3-micron particles, which are very necessary for running your business. You will experience cleaner air and far less allergens than the normal grade filters, which are only designed to protect the system.


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