When your ductwork is clogged, the air your air conditioner is cooling cannot flow freely through your home. It can also cause poor indoor air quality in the home which can cause health problems. If you think your ductwork is clogged, here are 3 things you can check for:

  1. Is the air filter placed properly? If your air filter is not properly installed, it can become clogged with debris quickly which will block air flow.
  2. Are your vent covers or return air panels obstructed? If these vents or panels are blocked by furniture or clogged with dirt and debris, you will start to notice problems with your air flow. This too, can cause indoor air quality problems. Go around the home and make sure none of your vents or return air panels are covered or dirty.
  3. Is your blower fan dirty? If the fan blades become dirty or covered with grime and debris, it can affect the way the fan functions. Make sure your fan is nice and clean to give you the most efficient working air conditioning unit possible.

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