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In the midst of economic difficulty, just about everyone is doing something in order to save money. In fact, people in search of how to stretch a dollar are bombarding the internet. Keywords like “saving money” & “using coupons” are being searched frequently everyday. So how can you save money on energy? One way that you can save money with Anchor Heating and Air Conditioning is by having a Water, Furnace Geothermal Heating and Cooling system installed. Don’t be intimidated by the name (just don’t try to say three times fast). The name sounds much more complicated than it really is. Basically, the system utilizes the earth beneath your home to heat and cool your air, along with heating your water. In the winter, fluid from the pipes buried in the ground will absorb the heat from the Earth and transfer it into your home as warm air. In the summer, the opposite occurs: it will take the heat out of your home, transfer it into fluid, and carry it back into the earth where the heat will be released. And of course, in the same manner will your water be heated. Because you will no longer be using fossil fuels and will be solely utilizing the sun’s energy, you will see your monthly costs decrease dramatically. Freeing up the monthly cash flow is a BIG plus. That sounds expensive? These systems do tend to have a higher installation cost, but the benefits and savings that you will incur will outweigh the initial investment. Not only are you benefiting the environment, but because you are no longer using fossil fuels, you will no longer be polluting the air your family breathes. On top of that, the long-term savings you will experience will astound you! Can you imagine paying $200 -$300 a YEAR to cool and heat your home? It's possible and sounds like a dream come true. See real-life stats here!

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