With the school year almost over, why not think about using the summer to teach your kids how to be more “green”.  There are lots of little ways we can conserve energy, water and other resources around our home without having to invest a great amount of time or money. Let’s look at some of the easiest ways to “go green”.


  1. Recycle. This is one of the easiest things you can do. Most waste disposable companies offers a recycling program for a tiny cost. It’s easier than ever, too. A few companies we know of do not even require you to sort the recyclables. You just throw everything into one trash can designated for recyclables and then they take it from there. You don’t even need a bag! Doesn’t get much easier than that.
  2. Plant a garden. This one will take a bit more time and effort, but it can be very fruitful (pardon the pun) and rewarding. If you have young children, they will absolutely love helping you plant a garden and especially will love helping your harvest the goodies!
  3. Use reusable bags. Even if you sometimes have to use the regular paper or plastic bags at the store, if you use reusable bags most of the time, you are still making a difference!
  4. Turn the lights off. If you live in a home that receives a great amount of natural light, take advantage of it. Open the shades and let the beautiful sunlight fill your home. When you do turn on the lights, be sure to turn them off when you leave the room. You can even make this into a fun game for your small children.
  5. Unplug appliances. Did you know that items like your computer still use power even if they are not being used? Unplug your appliances before going to bed at night or before going out for the day to conserve energy.
  6. Opt out of paper bills. Paying your bills online and only printing the statements that you need will greatly reduce the amount of paper you are using. While you are at it, opt out of other types of unsolicited mail, such as pre-screened credit card offers.
  7. Use cloth napkins or rags instead of paper napkins. They absorb more anyways!
  8. Donate your old clothes and items to local thrift stores or shelters.
  9. Use cold water to wash your laundry instead of warm or hot water. Some brands of laundry detergent now make detergent especially for cold water to help you make the transition.
  10. Switch to CFL lighting. These bulbs can be somewhat costly. To ease the transition, try just replacing a few of your regular bulbs with the more efficient CFL bulbs a month.


We hope that these tips will help you in your quest to go green with your family.


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