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Ask anyone: Not many people like having strangers come into their home.  This holds true when it comes to having an unfamiliar technician enter your home environment – especially when you aren’t quite sure if they will be honest with you about what type of repairs or purchases need to be made.  You will always feel safe and secure with an Anchor Heating and Air Conditioning technician, and you will always receive fair treatment.

Having worked in the Heating and Air Conditioning business for over thirty years, we know the importance and value of trust.  That is why we only choose technicians to work with us that we would also trust to work in our homes, on our equipment, and around our families.  We choose only the best highly trained, experienced, and certified individuals.  Anchor technicians will never try to sell you a product, service, or repair that you do not need. This is a promise.  Recommendations are made based solely on what is best for you and your home.

When you choose Anchor Heating and Air Conditioning for your residential needs, you can be sure that the technician who comes into your home will be one that you can trust fully.  We have an outstanding reputation, which is something we take extreme pride in.  We could not have achieved such a high Customer Satisfaction rate without having excellent technicians.

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Customer Testimonials

David Bentley took time with us measuring the square footage of the house, checking our system, and answering our questions. He was not the least bit pushy. We were very impressed with his genuine concern that we understood each answer he gave us.
-C. Wix

I’m so grateful to have such a reputable company to deal with. I will never hesitate to recommend Anchor with enthusiasm. It’s just so great to know such professional and compassionate people who are so trustworthy.
-L. Hopkins


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