The hairy crazy ants are a new pest to America and are rapidly spreading through the southern states. These ants seem very frantic and can be more than just a little hassle:

Hairy Crazy Ants

Hairy crazy ants are native to South America and are an invasive species, not unlike the red imported fire ant. There have already been reports of infestations in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida –and Georgia may be next. This species of ants got its common name from its fuzzy appearance and quick, sporadic movement. These ants are different from your typical ants in the sense that individually, they can move very rapidly and have much denser colonies. Indeed, when on the move a swarm of these insects makes it seem as if the earth itself is shifting. They can travel very long distances by hitching a ride off of anything –be it flora, shipping containers, or even hay.

What’s the Problem?

Fortunately, hairy crazy ants cannot cause physical harm to humans or pets, but that does not mean these pests aren’t destructive. They are attracted to electrical equipment and have been known to damage utility transformers and electrical outlets and even causing fires. They can inhabit any vacant container or space in your yard and home and can rack up many expenses –from damaged electrical equipment (including heating and air systems) to expunging them from your property. These ants are very capable of wiping out other all other ants in the area, potentially tipping the local ecosystem off balance.

What can we do?

To delay their arrival as long as possible in Georgia, the best thing to do is to carefully check anything shipped from out of state (especially if from Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida) for a hairy crazy ant presence. If they establish a colony in or near your home, it can be very difficult to remove them. Spread the word so that more people will be informed to this new kind of pest.


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