Hey! Who painted my deck yellow? I didn't ask for that...   Unfortunately, that's not paint. It's just the itchy, sneezy, wheezy, pollen covered time of the year that Georgia does so well (insert sarcasm). Even though we can't do anything about the pollen monsoon outdoors, we do have some tips to help you minimize indoor allergens. Everyone has an individual allergen tolerance level that is like a bucket. Once your bucket is full, you begin to feel miserable. This time of year with so many allergens outdoors, you want to try to minimize what is being added into your bucket indoors to keep it from overflowing.

  1. Double Doormats: To keep outdoor allergens from becoming indoor allergens, place door mats inside and outside every door. Yep, both sides of the door will increase your chances of trapping the dust and pollen before it enters your home. A 'no shoes indoor' policy is also a great way to cut down on allergens being brought in from outside.
  2. Clean From Top to Bottom: We all know regular cleaning keeps the allergens away. Just be sure to start cleaning in the highest part of the room to allow any allergens you are moving around to fall to the floor. Then the last thing you should do is vacuum all the accumulated dust and allergens away. And remember, a damp dust cloth traps more that a dry one.
  3. Launder Your Linens: You spend many hours a day in bed and who knows what allergens are in there with you. Wash sheets weekly in hot water and toss in the comforter, mattress pad, and blankets once a month. Protecting mattresses, box springs, and pillows with allergen-resistant covers will also provide additional relief in the bedroom.

More tips to come next week, including the most important of all - changing your HVAC filter. In the meantime, call Anchor for all your heating and cooling needs, (770) 942-2873. We have you covered!


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