November 2, 2022

Before you know it, fall will be over and your Atlanta home will need to be prepared for colder weather! Here are steps you can take today to make your home more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient over the winter.

Anchor Prepare Your Home for Cooler Temps infographic

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  • Turn on your heating system before you actually need it. Are there any strange noises or smells? Now’s the time to have it looked by a qualified technician.

  • Check your air filters. Are they dirty and need to be replaced? New air filters help keep your heating system running efficiently and your indoor air healthy.

  • Schedule heating maintenance with Anchor. A well-maintained furnace or heat pump will last longer, run more efficiently, and break more less often.

  • Enroll in Anchor’s EZ-Pay maintenance program for added convenience, where you’ll receive two annual visits, discounts on repairs, priority scheduling, and more!

  • Look into a new thermostat. Programmable smart thermostats can lower heating bills, and you can change your comfort settings anywhere, right from your phone.

  • Upgrade your home with a new heating system. Talk to Anchor about high efficiency Trane furnaces and heat pumps, which save money and keep your home comfortable.

You deserve a home that’s comfortable and affordable to heat this winter. Call (770) 942-2873 or contact Anchor today to find out how we can help.

Stay comfortable all winter long.

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