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October 11, 2022

With temperatures currently in the 70's and higher, it can feel like a long time before you’re relying exclusively on your furnace to keep your Atlanta area home comfortable. So why would you want to be thinking about your HVAC system when the summer only just ended?

Preparing your furnace for a long winter ahead and taking care of your air conditioner after a blistering summer are the perfect HVAC seasonal maintenance tasks for the fall - here’s why. 

The Benefits of Early HVAC Maintenance Service

Even if your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump is operating flawlessly throughout the seasons, they will require some maintenance to ensure they continue to operate efficiently. By acting ahead of the heating season, HVAC maintenance will provide the following benefits this coming winter:

  • Reliable heating that lasts the winter

  • Reduced energy use (greater energy bills savings)

  • A more comfortable home

  • Longer heating system lifespan

It is often the case that small issues in a furnace quickly turn into larger ones, and you may not notice these issues right away until they result in a full-scale heating breakdown. This will result in expensive repairs, and these breakdowns tend to happen at the worst of times. Plus, routine HVAC maintenance has been shown to help you extend the lifespan of your heating and cooling system, giving you peace of mind that your next replacement can wait a little while longer. 

The earlier you can take action with your heating system before the winter arrives, the more you stand to save in efficiency as well! With a fully tuned and lubricated system, your furnace will be using less energy from the first frost until the spring arrives in the Peach State. 

HVAC MAintenance Made “EZ” — With Anchor EZ Pay

Nobody needs more things on their to-do list, and scheduling your furnace or AC maintenance often gets pushed down to the bottom of the priorities as life gets in the way. But with the Anchor EZ Pay program, you can leave all your HVAC tune-up and maintenance needs to us, for the whole year! 

For less than $20 a month, you’ll get:

  • 2 HVAC maintenance visits a year

  • 10% off all repairs

  • Access to 24 emergency service

…all while benefiting from a finely tuned heating and cooling system all year long!

Schedule HVAC Service Near You with Anchor

So, should you be thinking about winter yet, even though school just started and the leaves are still green? Well, you don’t need to start pulling out the winter coats, or preparing your taxes, or switching to snow tires any time soon — but when it comes to thinking about your home heating, the experts here at Anchor think you most definitely should be looking to winter! If you are looking for help with your HVAC repair, maintenance, or replacement, get in touch with Anchor today.

Keep your furnace or heat pump running all winter long. Call or contact Anchor Heating and Air Co. online.

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