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November 25, 2020

Getting ready for the holidays includes making sure your Marietta or Peachtree City, Georgia home’s heating system is in tip-top shape. With much more time spent inside, having your furnace or heat pump system check-up with the heating professionals at Anchor Heating and Air is essential for a healthy holiday season. Here are some quick tips to ensure your home is ready for winter!

Get Your Heating System Holiday Check-up

Nothing says holiday disaster like a heating system that fails. That’s why it's so important to have an annual heating system maintenance appointment. In addition to keeping your system operating, regular maintenance can also spot potential problems early and fix them. Plus we’ll change your filters, clean the burners, and perform a safety inspection. Schedule your maintenance call now before your schedule fills up with holiday errands!

Keep Your Indoor Air Fresh and Healthy

Pumpkin spice and spruce scented candles give the holidays a special atmosphere. Yet indoor air quality is more than pleasant smells—it's also a way to keep your family healthy over the winter season. The key to healthy indoor air is a well maintained heating system. 

  • Heating System Safety Check 

Your combustion based heating system burns fuel to generate heat. One by-product of combustion is a dangerous one—carbon monoxide. Colorless, odorless, and dangerous, even a small amount of carbon dioxide can come from a leaky exhaust or dirty burner. A safety check and cleaning performed as part of a furnace maintenance call from Anchor Heating and Air keeps this silent danger from ruining your holiday gatherings.

  • Filtering Out Allergens and Contaminants

Many Newnan & Villa Rica, GA homeowners notice an increase in dust and allergy symptoms in the winter, when windows are closed. Add to that bacteria and flu and cold viruses and your holidays can be miserable. The remedy for removing allergens, dust, and other contaminants is a clean well-maintained heating system. A maintenance check-up includes a filter change and cleaning so your home can be fresh all winter long.

Reduce Your Holiday Prep List and Enroll in Our Maintenance Plan

Many in the Southern Crescent and Atlanta area find holiday peace of mind with Anchor’s E-Z Pay service program. This HVAC maintenance plan keeps track of your home heating and cooling check-ups and offers 10% off parts as well as labor service discounts, along with priority service calls. Over more than 40 years, the family owned and operated Anchor Heating and Air have provided HVAC service to your Atlanta neighbors and friends to keep them cozy and safe for the holidays!

Make pre-holiday plans for heating maintenance! Call (770) 942-2873 or contact us today to learn more.

Is your furnace safe for the holidays?

Protect your family and stay warm!

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