Inside of home during spring
March 22, 2020

As the president and owner of Anchor Heating and Air, I would like to take a moment and address our customers as we attempt to navigate the circumstances around the Coronavirus. We have implemented multiple strategies to assure the following:

  • The safety of our employees

  • The safety of our customers

  • The safety of our vendors

  • The ability to continue to provide services—especially to the elderly, critical businesses, and all others—in a safe manner.

In our offices and warehouse, we have limited our staff and we have created “social distance” policies. We have asked any employee who exhibits symptoms, or has been exposed to those who do, to remain home.

We are asking a series of questions similar to those posed by medical facilities prior to entering a home or business to insure we are prepared for each situation. We will make certain requests based on the answers we receive, and we hope all understand the need for what might otherwise feel like an invasion of privacy.

The heart of our business is the field techs and crews that interact directly with customers. We have encouraged them to follow all the known safety measures and recommendations as they are presented to us by the CDC or other organizations. These measures are designed to keep our techs, the customer they are servicing at the time, and the next customers they will serve as safe as possible.

As we learn more every day, our procedures may change as well. We remain committed to serving you safely.

Thank you, 

Barry Tysor

Please note: In an endeavor to serve our community, if you are one of our Maintenance Agreement customers, 65 years or over, and not able to get out to do shopping, please call our office, and we will happily shop for and deliver necessities to your home. You can pay by check, cash, or credit card, with no additional charge for shopping or delivery.

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