October 14, 2020
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Dreading the return of fall allergies? A properly working and well-cleaned HVAC system is one of the best tools Georgia homeowners have to help reduce indoor allergy symptoms—here are some steps you can take today, from DIY fixes to help from the professionals.

1. Keep Windows and Doors Closed When Possible

Many allergens in your home, like ragweed, come from outdoor air, so while cooler fall temperatures might have you reaching to open the windows for fresh air, you could be making it easier for allergens to get inside. Try keeping your windows closed for a day or two—do your allergies get any better?

2. Clean Your Home Regularly

Dust mites, pet dander—these pollutants can build up in your breathing air and trigger allergies any time of year, including the fall. Regular vacuuming with a unit that has a HEPA filter can significantly reduce the level of certain pollutants from circulating in your breathing air.

3. Replace Your Air Filters

The air filters on your HVAC system are one of the best lines of defense against air pollutants and allergens, but a clogged filter isn’t as effective as a clean one and it can even affect the performance of your heating and cooling system! Your filters should be changed at least once every few months.

4. Schedule Heating Maintenance

If you want your furnace or heating system to be working efficiently all winter long, the fall is a great time to schedule a tune-up visit from an HVAC professional. Not only will we make sure your air filters are in good shape, but we can spot performance issues before they lead to expensive breakdowns.

5. Upgrade Your Heating System

Is your heating system more than 10 years old? Does it need regular repairs? You may need to look into replacing your unit. With a new furnace or heat pump from Anchor, you’ll be saving money with high efficiency operation and creating a healthy, comfortable indoor environment for your family.

Don’t give up in the fight against fall allergies. Call (770) 942-2873 or contact Anchor to find an HVAC solution for your home.

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