Heating Company DouglasvilleWe are always trying to save money where we can, but it becomes even more important to conserve and be frugal around the holidays.  With so many more added expenses this time of year, if it is possible to save a few bucks in other areas, than we should we try to put that money to better use. During the summer we showed you quite a few ways that you could conserve energy and save money on your bills, but some of those same practices can greatly benefit you still, in these colder, winter months.  This week we will show you a few ideas to help you get started in saving money on your bills this winter just by paying attention to your thermostat.

Check your thermostat

Where is your thermostat located?  A poor location can cost you in the long run.  If your thermostat is placed in an area that is drafty or perhaps on an outside wall that may stay colder than the rest of the home, may give be receiving false readings – causing higher gas and energy usages than really necessary.

A thermostat timer can really save you a lot of money. They can be programmed to raise and lower the set temperature automatically during peak and off-hours – saving you money on your monthly bills.

During the holiday months, we frequently have gatherings and visitors. If you will be having a large group of people come to your home for a gathering, turn the thermostat down a few degrees.  People generate a great amount of heat and it could actually cause your home to become TOO hot if you don’t make the necessary adjustment to your thermostat.

Another time you should consider reducing the set temperature on your thermostat is at night, before you retire to bed.  Those 8 hours of lessened gas and/or energy consumptions add up every night – leaving you with greatly reduced bills for the month.

If you plan to go out of town for a few days, and there is no danger of pipes freezing and busting, think about turning your thermostat down to the lowest setting or turning it off altogether.  Anytime you are not using your heating system you are saving money. So if you will not be home, lower or turn off the heat.  Remember, too, when you return home, turning your thermostat up higher than normal will not cause your home to heat any faster.  It will only work at normal speeds, but it will heat your house up hotter, causing you to spend more money on your monthly bill.

We hope these tips will help you to save money this fall and winter.  Next week we will continue on the topic of saving money on your energy/gas bills over the winter season.  For more information on the services we offer, our programmable thermostats, or for pricing information – give us a call at 770-942-2873 or find us on the web at www.anchorac.com.  You can find Anchor Heating and Air Conditioning on Facebook, as well, where you will find daily tips, useful articles, and fun trivia.


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