In most cases, we do not suggest that someone try to repair their heating or air conditioning system by themselves.  Because it is dangerous, even life-threatening, we usually recommend that you seek the assistance of a trained and licensed professional.  But there are a few common problems that we see in this business that we feel comfortable giving “DIY” advice on: One of those is the furnace blowing out unheated air.

What should you do if your furnace is blowing out cool air?

In some of the on and off cold weather we have been experiencing, this is a big problem.  When you have freezing and below freezing temperatures the last thing you want to happen is for your heating to fail.  While this could be an emergency situation, sometimes it is a simple fix that would not require a professional to visit.  Let’s look at some these common causes:

1.    It is possible that the thermostat is on the wrong setting or set to a low temperature.  This should be the first place you check, as it is the easiest fix.  You may not have intentionally set the temperature low, but it is always a possibility that someone else came along and changed it.  Be sure that the temperature is set high enough to produce heat and that it is in fact on heat.  If this is the problem, you just had an easy fix!  The thermostat being completely broken to where it does not detect the correct temperature in your home, turning on the heat will require a professional to visit your home and replace the equipment.

2.    The next thing you should check is to be sure that a circuit breaker was not tripped or a fuse blown.  You should check the breaker or fuse box and flip the breaker that was tripped or replace the fuse that has blown.  This is also a quick and easy fix, but if it continues to be a frequent problem, you should have a professional come out and figure out why it continues to occur – there could be a major problem that you should have looked at.

3.    Lastly, it is possible that the furnace is not igniting the way it should be.  It could be as simple as the pilot light just went out or that the gas valve is closed and cannot ignite.  Check the gas valves and the pilot light to ensure that everything is functioning properly.  Some people are not comfortable with investigating this one on their own and that is fine – you can call a trained professional to check it out for you.

If none of these common problems that we have mentioned are the problem in your home, be sure to make an appointment with a licensed and insured professional like Anchor Heating and Air Conditioning, your local heating and air conditioning company to diagnose and solve the issue.  To find out more information about how to avoid breakdowns in your equipment by having your systems regularly maintained - Contact us at (770) 942-2873 or find us on the web at  You can also join our online community on Facebook where we offer daily tips, advice, and useful and relevant articles.


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