Air Conditioning Company DouglasvilleNow that we are starting to get a break from the high temperatures, we can start using more energy efficient ways to cool our homes instead of running our air conditioning systems all day.  It may take a little more effort on your part, but believe me, your wallet will thank you. And you can pat yourself on the back for doing your part in conserving energy, which is always good for the environment. If it is possible, open your windows first thing in the morning. Be sure that you have good quality screens installed to thwart bugs and other critters from taking up residence in your home. Opening your windows in the morning will allow for all that fresh, cool, morning air to flow through your home. If you have window or box fans, you can place these in the windows to pull more of that cool air through your home. Should I leave my windows open all day? Well, no.  Once the sun begins to beat down on your home, whichever side it is, those windows and curtains should be drawn close to keep that heat from entering your home. If the temperature outside exceeds 80 degrees at anytime, you should close all windows and curtains to try and keep all the cool air already in your home inside.  Continue to utilize your ceiling fans and any other fans you have.  Keeping the air moving through your home will contribute to how cool it feels. Once the sun goes back down, you may feel like opening your windows once more. We recommend keeping your windows shut and locked while you are sleeping, so as not to encourage burglars to enter your home. We hope that these tips will be helpful to you in not only conserving energy and reducing your power bill, but also in keeping your home comfortable for you and your family.  If you would like any more information or tips about energy conversation, you can give us a call at (770) 942-2873.  You can also find us on the web:


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