A good family project for this summer is to teach your kids to go green and to set green objectives for your household. Here are some tips and ideas for a green home:

Save on Power

Teaching your children how to use less electricity can help with your household’s green agenda. Make sure they understand that by turning off lights when they leave a room or do not need them. Also make sure to explain that even when turned off, plugged in electronics will still sap up energy and continue to waste power; that way, your kids will be more active in unplugging their devices (including video games and phone chargers) to help reduce your home’s monthly energy consumption.


Recycling is both easy and important to teach your children. Explain that by recycling, they can help save the environment and protect their community. Remind them that plastic, cans, and paper should never be thrown away, but recycled. Even if your area does not have a recycling service, you can still instruct your children to separate the recyclables in their respective categories so you can take them to a location that does; many retail businesses accept recyclables because it helps them save money.

Staying Cool

The approaching summer looks like it will be very hot –which means it will cost more to stay cooler. By teaching your kids simple tips on how to keep cool in the home without relying on the air conditioning, you can help save money every month and get closer to reaching your household green goals. Set policies in your home to keep doors and windows shut during the warmer hours of the day. Instead of lowering the thermostat, tell your kids to rely on cool drinks and ceiling fans.



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