Air Conditioning Company DouglasvilleWith the winter season upon us, we not only have to prepare our homes for the freezing temperatures, but for those of us with gardens or outside plants, we have to prepare our plants as well. Because of that, we thought it would be helpful to research various sources and compile a list of useful tips for those with gardens or outside plants. Preparing for the frost can sometimes be pretty tricky and we want everyone’s gardens to survive the drop in temperatures!

Most garden plants will be able to fare the winter season with no problem. But if you have any tender plants, such as some annuals or perennials that you would like to last through the winter into the spring, it is a good idea to pot them and bring them in your home or garage until the weather warms up some. You will want to bring your tropical plants indoors before the temperature goes below 45 degrees. And as always, when bringing your plants indoors, give a good spray to those that look like they are home to any insects or pests. They wouldn’t mind cozying up in your nice, warm house over the winter.

Did you plant some new veggies or plants during the fall? Seedlings are especially vulnerable to the freezing temperatures of a Georgia winter. They usually can survive down to 28 degrees, but if the overnight forecast goes any lower – it may be beneficial to cover the area with blankets or plastic. Just make sure that once it warms back up you remove the blankets and/or plastic. If you don’t remove them, the heat will accumulate under the plastic and damage your seedlings.

Mulch can also be useful during the winter months. After the ground has frozen, or when it is close to freezing, lay down a loose layer of mulch around your plants. This will help regulate the temperature of the soil so it is not fluctuating dramatically over the season, which can be just as harmful, if not more so, than the freezing temperatures itself. One thing we know about Georgia, fluctuating extreme temperatures are not unheard of, in fact, that basically sums up a week’s worth of weather forecast.

We hope that these tips will be useful to you as you go about preparing your landscaping for the winter season. If you have any other “expert” winter tips, whether it is for the garden or for your home, please join us on our Facebook page and share with our online community. We would love to hear from you.

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