If you haven’t already, now is the time to have your central air conditioning unit “tuned” up.  We normally recommend a tune up in the spring before the summer heat, but now is better than never!  Just like how you service a vehicle to keep it maintained and in tip-top shape, the same is recommended for your AC unit to keep it performing well.  Now that the heat has hit, so have the many calls requesting for repairs.  Did you know having your AC unit tuned up will actually save you money?  It’s true.  Not only will your AC unit run more efficiently, but it will prevent potential maintenance issues in the future.  With our Comfort Agreement Plan, you will also receive the benefit of a 10% discount in the event your AC unit does need a repair.  We frequently are asked what a tune-up for an air conditioning unit entails.  Our cooling tune-up includes: 1. Check compressor amps/volts, capicitors 2. Monitor refrigerant pressures 3. Inspect refrigerant piping for vibration/rubbing 4. Inspect condenser foil for cleanliness 5. Inspect condition of outer cabinet and disconnect 6. Check condenser fan motor amps/volts and fan blades 7. Tighten electrical connections 8. Check/lubricate motor and bearings 9. Inspect contactor condition 10. Inspect reversing valve (heat pump) 11. Test starting capabilities 12. Test safety controls 13. Inspect blower components for cleanliness 14. Check blower motor amps/volts 15. Inspect evaporator coil for cleanliness 16. Measure temperature drop or rise 17. Inspect and clean condensate drain and pan 18. Check condensate pump for proper operation 19. Check thermostat operation/calibrate as necessary 20. Replace 1” or 2” pleated filters. Our Comfort Agreement Plan will more than pay for itself!  For more information about our Comfort Agreement Plan, what it includes, and for pricing – give us a call at 770-942-2873


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