Fall is fast approaching, and that means that we must take another look at how to keep the air in our homes clean. Here are some tips for a healthy fall:

  • Take the extra time to keep the immediate outside of your home clean. With the increasingly amount of debris accumulating outside, air allergens are sure to be more common outside –and inside your home. You should also make sure you place mats inside and outside your home to prevent dirt and dust from spreading and distributing allergens.
  • Pets are another thing that can affect the air in your home. Make sure they are groomed regularly and cleanup any messes they may make inside. For those with pets that go in and out of the home, take extra care to brushing them before entering the home. Alongside the dander that they can spread, dirt and debris can cling to their fur, waiting to infiltrate your home.
  • Regularly cleaning the inside of your home is crucial as well to maintaining clean air. Make sure rooms that are regularly visited are kept cleaned more often than the others because they tend to collect more dust.
  • If you enjoy leaving windows open to help regulate temperature, make sure you have screens installed to help prevent debris and insect from entering your home.
  • Don’t just rely on regular air filters to keep your air clean; they are only designed to protect your cooling system. Instead, consider high efficiency particulate air filters, which have a 99.97% efficiency against 0.3-micron particles.


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