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As we draw near to the winter months, air in your house can be drying to your body due to the lack of moisture. Utilizing a humidifier can make a huge difference in helping to restore the balance of moisture in your home. Humidifiers can also help alleviate symptoms associated with colds, flu, asthma and other discomforts by keeping the air in your home moist.

The two main types of humidifiers are cool-mist humidifiers and warm-mist humidifiers.

The most popular cool-mist humidifiers are ultrasonic and use high frequency sounds waves to vaporize water. They are the quietest and can even emit warm mist in some models.

Another type of cool-mist humidifiers is the evaporative type that soaks up water into a wick and uses a fan to expel the moisture. These models are inexpensive, but require an ongoing cost of replacing the wicks or filters and they can be noisy.

Warm-mist humidifiers or “vaporizers” expel steam after the water boils. On the positive side, bacteria can be eliminated due to the water being boiled. On the negative side, minerals can build up in the heating element and tank and can be a challenge to clean. And while some people prefer the warm-mist humidifier, especially when head and chest congestion can be a factor, children need to be kept away from the unit to prevent potential burns from the scalding water if the humidifier is tipped over. In addition this type of model is less energy efficient. Experts recommend getting an ultrasonic model that can produce both warm and cool moisture.

If you have decided your home could benefit from a humidifier, reviews can be found by a number of retailers such as:  HomeDepot, Lowes, Sears, and Amazon. Evaluate what model will fit your needs best to help you keep the moisture balanced in your home and your family comfortable during the cold winter months.

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