Douglasville Air Conditioning Company – Better Technicians

Better Technicians Mean the Best in Heating and Air Conditioning Service Ask anyone: Not many people like having strangers come into their home.  This holds true when it comes to having an unfamiliar technician enter your home environment – especially when you aren’t quite sure if they will be honest with you about what type […]Read More

Anchor Heating & Air Conditioning | Douglasville Energy Audits

If you were spending money every month that could be going into your bank account, wouldn’t you want to know?  With the increased cost of living and the “not so increased” rates of pay, every penny counts.  This is why scheduling a checkup for your whole home can be beneficial.  Energy audits are an easy […]Read More

Tips to Avoid Air Conditioning Theft

Because of the increasing price of copper, the amount of thefts on the news has skyrocketed just from this time last year. People desperate to make a quick and easy buck have resorted to scrapping and stripping heating and air conditioner systems for the moderately valued copper located inside. Unfortunately for the victimized homeowner or […]Read More

Douglasville Air Conditioning Company Offers Indoor Air Quality Tips

Improve your health with improved air quality. Over the past 30+ years of working in the air conditioning business here in Douglasville, we have learned that not many people realize that the air inside of our homes can be even more polluted than the air we breathe outdoors.  Those who suffer from allergies and asthma […]Read More

Douglasville Air Conditioning Company Offers Money Saving Tips

If you have been running your AC this summer, you may be receiving some of the highest power bills of the year. With the kind of heat we have been having here in Douglasville, it can be easy to run up an expensive and overwhelming energy bill from the constant use of your air conditioner. […]Read More

Anchor Heating and Air Conditioning: Douglasville’s Best

Anchor Heating and Air Conditioning was one of eight businesses to be honored with the 2011 Douglas County Chamber of Commerce Small Business of Excellence Award. According to the Douglas County Sentinel, the awards were presented at the Chamber’s monthly GreyStone Power Luncheon at the Downtown Confernce Center in Douglasville. Businesses had to go through […]Read More

When to Buy a New Air Conditioner in Douglasville

Buying a new Central Air Conditioning System may not be high on your list.  But in some cases, skipping the repairs and buying a new AC system is the best route to take.  There are different factors that determine whether you should buy a whole new system, but the biggest determinant when making that decision […]Read More

How to buy a new air conditioner in Douglasville

Besides your home itself, your central air conditioning unit may be the largest investment you make for your home. When you are ready to purchase a new air conditioning unit, what should you look for? Choosing a new system does not have to be a chore and Anchor Heating and Air Conditioning is here to […]Read More

Tips to Avoid Heat Stroke in Douglasville

Courtesy of Anchor Heating and Air Conditioning As Douglasville continues to heat up, it is important to remember the dangers that the increasing temperatures can pose.  It is a misconception that only children and the elderly are at risk for a heat stroke.  While infants, toddlers, and the elderly have an increased risk for heat stroke, […]Read More

Air Conditioning Maintenance – Get a Tune-Up Douglasville

If you haven’t already, now is the time to have your central air conditioning unit “tuned” up.  We normally recommend a tune up in the spring before the summer heat, but now is better than never!  Just like how you service a vehicle to keep it maintained and in tip-top shape, the same is recommended […]Read More