Fun Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer!

We know, it’s hot outside! This may not just be a hot summer, it may be a hot, hot summer. So let’s get you set with some fun ideas to beat the heat: Visit a Library – Many libraries have summer reading programs that encourage young readers with rewards and prizes. Several also offer exciting […]Read More

Extend the Life of Your HVAC Unit

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) units can be costly to repair and even more expensive to replace. So today we share some tips that will hopefully extend your HVAC unit beyond the average lifespan. Air Flow: HVAC units need room to breathe. Keep the area around the unit free of storage and clutter. Remove […]Read More

Keep Your Home Cool This Summer!

It feels like summer time! That means swimming pools, barbeques, beach trips and of course hot summer days ahead. Keep reading for some great tips to help keep your home cool this summer. Ceiling Fans: One important thing to remember is that ceiling fans cool people by creating a wind chill effect. Ceiling fans do […]Read More

The Benefits of Proper Insulation

Did you know that insulation is just as beneficial in the summer as it is in the winter? Think of insulation as a thermos, keeping warm things warm and cool things cool. Low levels of insulation or gaps and voids in the insulation, can provide access for heat and air to easily flow into or […]Read More

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a New HVAC System

Beyond your mortgage, utility bills are the among the highest costs of operating a household. As you know, your HVAC system can constitute a large portion of your utilities. So buying a central heating and cooling system could be one the largest investments you’ll make in terms of upfront investment and future utility savings that […]Read More

Landscaping Around Your Air Conditioner

I don’t know anyone in the South who doesn’t LOVE their air conditioner! That doesn’t necessarily mean we want to look at them while enjoying and spending time in our outdoor living spaces. There are plenty of ways you can hide, mask, conceal and block your air conditioning unit to keep it out of view. […]Read More

Tips for Preventing Mold in Your Home – Part 2

As we discussed In Part 1 of this series, your best defense is to stop mold before it even begins by being diligent in taking care of situations that promote mold. Immediately drying wet areas, proper ventilation and monitoring humidity were a few topics we discussed last week. Let’s finish up this series with a […]Read More

Tips for Preventing Mold in Your Home – Part 1

Mold is not only a shower problem, it can grow anywhere: on carpet, clothing, food, paper, and even in places you can’t see, such as the backside of drywall, areas inside walls, around leaking or condensing pipes, and above ceiling tiles. Since mold can trigger serious health risks to you and your family, it’s important […]Read More

HVAC Financing Options

Buying a central heating and cooling system could be one the largest investments you’ll make. Whether you are buying preemptively to improve energy-efficiency or replacing a broken system, there is good news. The right energy-efficient system and installation can give you considerable savings over the lifetime of the system, which will also help offset your […]Read More

Managing Indoor Allergens – Part 2

As we discussed in Part 1 of this series, even though we can’t do anything about the pollen monsoon outdoors, there are steps you can take to minimize indoor allergens. Reducing the overall allergen load that your body has to process will cut down on symptoms. Hopefully, tips from the previous post such as doubling […]Read More